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    Considering Vim 8 just came out, is it worth messing with Neovim?

    I run a really light Vim config, mostly because all of Vim’s plugins that do useful things make it slow (Syntastic). Seems like I might as well wait for them to support Vim 8 at this point.

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      There is a nice asynchronous Syntastic alternative for neovim: neomake. That seems like what you need. IIRC vim got some form of asynchronous plugins now as well, so you might want to wait for plugins to use that functionality or see if something like the thing linked above gets ported. Since the transition is really uneventful (it was for me at least), you might as well try it out.

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      I similarly made the switch and haven’t looked back. The only thing that sucked was the default mouse behavior, which was a quick fix.

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        The article mentions replacing tmux with NeoVim terminal splits. I did that and it worked great for me, specially for copy/paste. I also use a minimal terminal emulator.

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          I am so sad that neovim uses cmake rather than a simple makefile.

          I keep using vim for that reason. Vim compiles without issue in every system that has a compiler, standard libraries, and ncurses.