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      TL;DR: HTML AirbnbML in a WebView AirbnbView.

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      Note that what Airbnb describes is also done by YouTube - this is how they can ship new features without you updating the app, like recommendation categories a while back. You can also check this yourself by checking the network requests youtube.com makes. Yhe returned JSON is essentially a VDOM which is hydrated by the client code.

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        without you updating the app

        Extremely important for Android, where many devices go years without receiving app updates.

        I’m always disappointed by Android not learning from the mistakes of Windows. On the other hand, Android does have the largest non-desktop install base. And I can’t think of anything they could have done differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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          Well, Google Play will automatically update for you unless you go in and disable that. I personally prefer to update my applications manually (via F-Droid). This is also unrelated to the OS itself as YouTube is a separate application.

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            As far as I understand, many Androids don’t have Google Play—especially low end or older Androids.

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      After reading, I feel it strongly looks like HTML, but using native UI & components. Am I missing something?

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        Indeed. It’s pretty much document markup with a more restricted set of choices over native Android views/HTML tags.