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I’m posting this for psychological sanity to augment the weekly “What are you working on this week?” posts.

You see, I’ve posted a couple times to that thread, and every time I do, I always end up not fulfilling my goal that I’d broadcast to the world (not entirely at least).

So in addition to talking about what you are going to do, perhaps below mention what you have done already this week. Then you get the dopamine release for both doing and bragging.


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    To start - I finally got around to migrating the krgspl RethinkDB database to PosgreSQL. https://lobste.rs/s/vyrwtj/what_are_you_working_on_this_week/comments/abipvb#c_abipvb

    The difficult part was actually getting the ancient version of the RethinkDB database up and running on my local machine (I didnt), so plugged into the live site and slurped down the data as JSON. Then I made the schema and wrote a tool to ETL from the JSON into the new database.