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    They are pretty clear about it. Violentmonkey is one of open alternatives.

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      I wonder what’s their incentive for using a non-free licence. It’s not like they can expect to sell it, since there are open alternatives.

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        They could hide analytics gathering I guess, or maybe the developers have newer code in there they want to use on other projects that are commercial and not let those trade secrets out?

        I like how this post isn’t pitchforks, but I would like to see a response from the author(s) on why, just out of curiosity on why they made that choice really.

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        I love that you kept it civil just letting folks know about the change instead of hating on the developers. The right way to do it.

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          Agreed for sure. I admire that a lot, it’s a great model to keep in mind.

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          Since writing User scripts is a “developer” thing to do, and since pretty much all software development tools are open source, so was Tampermonkey.

          Respectfully, you need to get out more :) Just because you do not interact with and choose not to be aware of the vast, VAST universe of proprietary software development tools doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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            I mean, the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android ecosystems are huge. Tons of paid apps. Then, there’s all the SaaS, custom apps, etc businesses buy. Then, there’s government and military which often use proprietary apps.

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              I’ve come to see that as engineers we are inherently more prone to tunnel vision. I live and breathe FLOSS. I do my software development on a Mac or a Linux box, and everyone else I know does the same. So that’s the way it is for everyone right?

              We all do it, it’s just a matter of IMO being open to a wider perspective, which is hard.

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            I had no idea. I’d prefer the open alternative. So, I’m jumping ship.

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              Ghostscript has really improved over the years. I went back to that recently.