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      I have no idea how old this is, as it’s not dated and is quoting things from 2002, but many of his complaints are simply due to slow roll-out and have long since been resolved. CNN and Google very much have IPv6 access, as do most major sites I read. Comcast, the largest ISP in the US, offers native IPv6 to 100% of its millions of users.

      Some additional reading on attempted, failed, and otherwise insufficient reclamation efforts, for those interested:


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        Yep most of this seems out of date now. My openwrt router shows more traffic overall over ipv6 than ipv4.

        To be honest now that ipv4 is finally almost exhausted ipv6 is taking off like a rocket. And finally we can get rid of junk like NATs etc… There is a nanog video from this month that goes into detail on the current status. Long story short comcast says 60% of their customers are using ipv6 for the majority of their traffic. Also learning that Facebook is using ipv6 for everything internally is also interesting. I think at this point we need to treat ipv4 as a legacy thing.

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        HTTP headers list the Last-Modified date as 02 Aug 2003, so I guess that makes it at least ~12 years old (:

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