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    I think it’s a great look, and it’s good to see strong graphic design work in Debian.

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      To be fair, I wasn’t a big fan of Lines or softWaves, but this one looks good to me.

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        I looked at lines and liked it a lot, though I’ve never looked at it daily :P

        The SoftDebian design from this year was also good.

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        The green accent color is distinctive; I like that. But I can’t unsee the text column misalignment in the highlighted line in the example image. The text “- English”, on the right side of the highlighted line, is a different font or weight or size or something from the other Latin text in its column.

        Is the installer UI being used as some kind of stress test that never looks great, such that we should be impressed that any theme does this well?

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          The font rendering looks absolutely terrible in these screenshots.

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          Looks nice, though the Gtk theme looks a bit outdated.

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            That’s only the installer… that’s not how it looks in GNOME…

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              Are there any screenshots of how that looks? I don’t understand why they’re showing it off with possibly the worst example.