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    Dennis Nedry is the kind of guy to write 2 million lines of code to control an electric fence.

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      It’s nice, but a little confusing…

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        The data is interesting, but the visualization isn’t very good, IMO. I’m still not sure what the arcs/half circles are supposed to be.

        A single logarithmic axis would have been easier to read.

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          The arcs show progression from one version to the next, and are labelled with the percentage increase I think.

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        I really enjoy this infographic. I have one question: is the analogy between a DNA basepair and a line of code sound? Shouldn’t basepairs correspond to assembly instructions?

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          Less, actually - three consecutive base-pairs correspond to one amino acid, which is roughly analogous to an assembly instruction. And, of course, there’s exactly two bits of information in the base-pair. :) But that’s a small constant factor, and to the extent that code and genes are comparable, they’re comparable on data size, not on semantic content. They’re doing such very different things that all they really have in common is being data.