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    This isn’t actually a satire but it’s the best tag for why I’m sharing it, because man oh man is this article so bad it’s good. Here’s just a sample:

    This role covers a multitude of coding languages. At the front-end, a Full Stack Java developer uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At the back-end, they will use PHP and Python.

    And that’s just the second paragraph! I love this article so much.

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      After scanning the article without having noticed the submitter or the tags, I hit back to flag it as spam. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. This is an MST3K-worthy lobste.rs post. That might even be a good tag to request, come to think of it…

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        honestly wondering if article this is some GPT-esque AI generated SEO nonsense 🤔

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          The posting referenced no longer exists. Maybe it was satire?

          Edit: Someone suggested it could be SEO bait.

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            Still exists for me, and probably works for SEO, but exposing your complete ignorance of the fields that you purport to specialize in seems more like anti-advertising than promotion, no matter how many keywords you throw in.

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              Totally SEO bait, but SEO bait that stumbled into magnificence

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              I don’t want to pile on this poor recruiter (assuming they even see this) but yes this is solid gold. I didn’t understand the mechanics until I saw the real rate card of recruiters. Money. :)

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                This piece was beautiful. I came here to rant about people who think working at the very top levels of abstraction makes them a ‘full-stack’ developer, but the article just sums up my complaints so perfectly.

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                What the heck haha, I kept scanning for him to mention when I’d need to learn Java! Does he think JavaScript = Java??