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    This looks really nice!

    I wonder if you could integrate your smart heuristics with fzf’s UI? I think fzf can cooperate with another process to generate candidates.

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      Thank you! I haven’t looked into it, but that might be possible! I personally like the simplicity of zf, and was/is a fun personal project to learn Zig. But someone else wants to integrate it into fzf, and it is possible, then I think that would be great!

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      Well done on detailing out the use cases, it’s good to see a user-centered approach for CLI tools!

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        Thanks for the kind words!

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        To test my theory I analyzed many repositories from GitHub and found that in a typical codebase the majority of filenames are unique.

        Counter example: index.html

        Another counter example:

        $ cd repos/nixpkgs/master/
        $ find -type f | grep default\\.nix$ | wc -l

        I commonly match the name of the directory instead.

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          Yep! That’s a perfect example of when that observation doesn’t hold. Maybe I didn’t make things clear enough, but I do understand that file names aren’t always unique. That’s why I also have a feature for making path matching more accurate later in the post.

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            Great! Once again i did not read the full post.

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              No worries :)