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I’ve been using mu for about a year, and like it. This is a brief overview of what this style of email tools is about, and a comparison with notmuch, which is broadly similar but has a different approach to the data model. That’s part of the reason for writing this: I’ve run into a handful of people confused about whether to pick mu or notmuch, given their similarities, who end up getting lost in the details of fairly minor differences between the two. Imo the different data models will be decisive for many people: whether to treat Maildir files/directories, or else a tag-based database, as the canonical data store.

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    For years I’ve used the mutt sidebar patch, as it really helps me manage the folders created by my mail processing. I’ve been considering moving to mutt-kz, forked in 2012 to provide better integration with notmuch.

    Does anyone have experience with this fork? The interface between mutt and notmuch leaves quite a bit to be desired, though that’s consistent with my experience on the difference between notmuch and mu. mu is more straightforward, notmuch is better designed but you have to adapt your tooling to use it.

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      I’ve been a very happy user of notmuch, and the oncluded Emacs integration for about a year now. I use mbsync for IMAP, and msmtp to send mail. Works very well.