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    I think some airlines try to organize things so window seats board first as well? Send in a wave of passengers with window seats at the back. Then a wave of window seats at the front, filling the aisle with loading passengers. Then a wave of aisle seats at the back, then front.

    But I think airlines found it all goes to shit because passengers are required to check their self awareness.

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      There’s a MythBusters episode (#222) on this where they try a variety of these styles with real people and see what kinds of issues result. I forgot the results (it aired about 5 years ago when the family was interested), but it was an entertaining look at the same problem with actual humans.

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        MythBusters episode (#222)


        tl;dw: no assigned seats is fastest, but also the most hated; window, middle, aisle boarding is almost as fast and well liked.

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      Here’s a video on the topic by CGP Grey: https://youtu.be/oAHbLRjF0vo

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        I do like the simulation! It’s fun to play with.

        A long time ago I asked an acquaintance who had spent decades as a flight attendant about this. Their tl;dr was that planes are constrained enough that it only takes a few passengers who are slow, drunk, limited mobility, elderly, too important to follow instructions, or otherwise confused to gum up the works to the point where any efficiency is lost.

        edit: this means we’d probably need random numbers for the distance a passenger moves and how long it takes them to stow their luggage.

        edit 2: making TICKS_REQUIRED_TO_PUT_AWAY_BAG and move_passengers random seems to have no effect, but I’m not timing this 20k times like OP did. Maybe the way to making boarding faster is to redesign the plane instead of coming up with a different boarding scheme.

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          Speed of boarding isn’t the important thing about the procedure. It’s about making people who pay for fancier tickets feel better about doing so.