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Uses VisiData: https://www.visidata.org/

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      I’ve followed VisiData for a while and just used it in anger yesterday, to run some statistics on the files in a 5 gb zip archive. It is very, very cool.

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      The project looks really nice, but whenever I look at trailer data I reach for pandas with the occasional plot, which suffices for my needs most of the time. While I like the idea of VisiData a lot, it’s value just doesn’t seem to justify learning how to use the software for me.

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        I dunno, it’s pretty easy for basic use cases: arrow keys, Shift+F for freq table, ‘q’ to quit. Seems like it would be less effort to try it out than to post a comment about why it doesn’t seem worth it to try it out.

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          I use VisiData to massage csv and excel files before importing them elsewhere. Best tool I found so far for this use case.

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          Thank you for VisiData. I’ve only discovered it in the past 18 months, I’m certainly no expert user, and the 45 minutes I’ve spent squinting at youtube demos and cheatsheets has conservatively saved me 3 or 4 days worth of scripting against crappy CSVs and workbooks.

          Also, I feel like, lurking somewhere around the corner, I could integrate this with the django shell and similarly shorten my approach to getting data into a form I can help business people manipulate and use. I think I’m super close to finding that path but not there yet.

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            This could be pretty easy, depending on how the django shell is designed. Ping me if you’d like to talk or try to bang through it some afternoon!

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