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I’ve been using the VOX music player for quite a while, and since most of my work happens in the terminal, I’ve been looking for a way to control VOX from it. Currently, they do not offer a command-line tool, so I decided to wrap their AppleScript/JXA scripting suite in a small CLI. My command-line tool, voxctl, supports all commands that VOX offers in their scripting suite, so you can play/pause, skip tracks, print track information, etc. It is available on GitHub here, and you can install it using Homebrew in the following manner:

brew tap majjoha/voxctl
brew install voxctl

I hope you’ll find it useful!


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    I’d forgotten that you cannot edit your submitted stories but I’ve moved the package to the tap majjoha/tap instead, so I can store all my formulae in one repository in the future. The installation process is now:

    brew tap majjoha/tap
    brew install voxctl