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    Vinyl is really neat.

    Worth noting that in a language with dependent types this sort of thing is almost trivial. Generalizing a heterogenous list get’s you 90% of the way there.

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      Yes, indeed.

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      I spoke about Vinyl 0.4, and its denotation in Type Theory, at BayHac this weekend.

      Slides (PDF link): https://github.com/VinylRecords/BayHac2014-Talk/blob/master/Talk.pdf Recording of slides w/ voice: https://vimeo.com/95694918

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        For validation he uses a type called Result e a, but doesn’t say where he gets it from. I tried looking around on Hoogle and Hackage but can’t really find where he gets it from? Anyone knows?

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          It’s in Data.Vinyl.Idiom.Validation now. It’s just Either with no Monad instance that allows it to have a different Applicative instance—one which accumulates error values as a monoid.