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    I can’t help but think that “Pager Doody” would have been an excellent attempt at marketing this, the flagrant PagerDuty trademark violation notwithstanding.

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      An excellent example of the Internet of Shit.

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        The best one I’ve seen is still SmartPipe that Bruce Schneier posted on his blog. Then, he had to edit the “satire” post to add this after someone reminded him reality and fiction can be pretty close in the weirdest ways. :)

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      I’m always on the lookout for how I can win my kids’ cooperation in novel and fun ways. Bonus points if it involves getting to tinker on an engineering project myself.

      So “engineering” basically means nothing now.

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        Gotta make yourself feel good some how.

        I like to go by “Software creationist” these days. Separates me from everyone else.