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A project I’ve been working on a lot in my spare time. I plan to get nginx running on it. Let me know what you think!


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      That’s seriously cool.

      Reminds me of something though… :P

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        I’ve seen speed ups of 4x on some of my microbenchmarks so we definitely should :)

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          Great comeback! ;)

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        That’s really awesome. Excellent work.

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          Now this is very cool! Well done.

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            Can it just be a general loader? Or a binfmt_misc loader?

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              I originally took that approach with a binfmt module, but it requires some invasive changes to the kernel and it would be the only reason for those changes, so I moved away from that. It can be a binfmt_misc handler though.

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                Kernel maintainers might accept the changes, though. Worth a shot?

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                  Needs to be filled out more but inclusion in mainline is the goal.

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              WebAssembly modules in kernel-space (ring 0) and provides access to system calls as normal function calls

              Such as exec() and fork() ?

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                Those are two special exceptions that must be invoked in user-space due to constraints around how they work in Linux and the current design of wasmjit.