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    I thought that writing to one union member and reading from another is UB in C? Or does that apply only to members of different type?

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      Only in c++, not c. Unions (along with memcpy) are the ‘correct’ way to do type punning.

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        It is (probably due to possible “trap values” [1]) but there’s a lot of code that assumes one can do that.

        [1] In over 30 years of coding, I’ve yet to program on an architecture that has a “trap value”. I’ve yet to program on something other than a byte-oriented, 2’s complement machine.

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        Whether using the define or the union approach I’m having a hard time imagining this being worth it. The extra .sub.field just doesn’t seem that painful if you need the bulk sub object handling as well. Maybe in a “it’s been 10 years of accretion this should have been a sub object all along, but I don’t want to touch all the consumers” kind of scenario? Does somebody have a concrete “in the wild” example?