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      Due to the way FreeBSD designed the package manager, we’ll not be able to provide packages for the 12.2-RELEASE branch since we put the priority on 12-STABLE.

      Why is that ? You could always tweak the server url used, not relying directly on $ABI or something else.

      I’d really like to know what’s really preventing you to do packages for 12.2-RELEASE and 12-STABLE.

      Also, I guess that same as FreeBSD all packages (except kmods) compiled on 12.2-RELEASE would work on 12-STABLE.

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        Because we rely directly on $ABI. We don’t have the ability with our limited infrastructure to migrate to something more specific than $ABI. We’re stuck with the original recommendations from years back. Given that and our preference for supporting 12-STABLE, we can’t provide packages for both 12.2-RELEASE and 12-STABLE (since, like you mentioned, kmods would be broken for one or the other.)

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          So that have nothing to do with how pkg was designed then.

          I would be glad if you could update the article to reflect that.


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            If only pkg was designed to handle minor version numbers…

            Designing default settings is part of application design.

            FreeBSD suffers from this problem, too.

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              pkg itself doesn’t really know or care about major/minor version numbers.

              The default settings of using $ABI isn’t from pkg, it’s from FreeBSD default pkg.conf

              There is nothing preventing you to build and distribute packages usable by pkg(8) for HardnenedBSD 12.2 and 12-STABLE.

              Saying otherwise is fake news as your beloved president would say.

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                Saying otherwise is fake news as your beloved president would say.

                Really? Of all places, you’re gonna go there? Even I thought you were better than that. Disappointing, to say the least.

                Conversation with hostile upstream ended.

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                $ABI comes from detection logic in pkg(8). It parses the ELF headers of some executable expected to exist on FreeBSD. Thus, $ABI comes from pkg(8), which is FreeBSD’s package manager.

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                  Yes, and you made the choice of using it in your repo.conf

                  You could use $VERSION_MAJOR/$VERSION_MINOR too and produces packages for 12.2 (and leave $ABI for 12-STABLE for example). Those variables are just unused on FreeBSD but you can make the choice of using them.

                  pkg(8) knows about everything on the OS version but don’t really care about it, the only check it will do is compare the elf note of the running machine with the one used to compile the packages if you have IGNORE_OSVERSION=no which is the default).