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    This youtube talk by the founder of TechDirt is well worth a watch.

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        I truly hope people don’t cave in to what appears to be an extremely craven use of money and the legal system to rewrite history.

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        Certainly a fascinating story.

        tl;dr: https://twitter.com/va_shiva/status/706670699713335297

        And he’s also running for U.S. Senate.


        “Free” email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. may be subverting our freedom by owning our email communications. Shiva proposes that the US Postal Service provide a truly secure public email service to protect citizens.

        USPS for email? Oh my! What could possibly go wrong?

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          Hmm, I’m surprised to agree with him somewhat on this issue. He does have a point about Google etc. owning our email.