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    I didn’t really get any idea of what it’s like to code for Roblox based on this blog. It was more of an overview of what Roblox is, noting it has its own level editor that you can script with Lua.

    My kids are big on Roblox and have their own crazy little levels they’ve created and play on. I don’t know how much they actually write code vs dragging and dropping things, but they seem to enjoy it.

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      Kids do create some worlds but the much more popular ones are created by adults. These content creators often times are also on YouTube promoting their content.

      Personally I much prefer when my child plays Minecraft over Roblox because at least Minecraft isn’t constantly nagging you when you walk over some tile to buy digital items with the Roblox currency.

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        I remember getting a world to be decently popular (~1 million visits) back when I was very young in like 2008-2009.

        I’ve always had a soft spot for Lua since Roblox is where I learned to program.

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          Perhaps a personal beef, but I’ll be forever bitter about this company. I learned to program in this system at age 12 or so, with a little help from this absolute brick, and just as I was figuring out how to do more interesting and advanced things, the company shifted gears towards heavy monetization and totally screwed over the large community of creators who were, by and large, in their late teens and building stuff for fun. Not to mention that they refuse to implement Linux support, and actively break their game in Wine, because they think Linux users are hackers and pirates.

          It would be nice if there I could recommend this game to my friends as a way for their kids to learn programming, like I did, but I really can’t justify it.