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    Is this a “community” version, or the same one the big boys use?

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      Visual Studio Code (the cross platform one) is like Atom, but supported by Microsoft instead of GitHub.

      Visual Studio Express|Community|Professional|Ultimate is Windows-only, and is what most Windows developers use.

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        I haven’t used Visual Studio Code, but I would guess that the “big boys” at Microsoft don’t use it anyway – they probably use Visual Studio (the Windows-only IDE). This would imply that they have no reason to let the open-source version get out of sync with the in-house version.

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          Visual Studio Code is like their version of Atom. It is lightweight and doesn’t have all the features of Visual Studio, being more of a text editor than an IDE.

          But yes, it appears that they have not made a Visual Studio Code ‘lite’ to open source.

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          Has anybody here used this for asp.net projects on linux? We have to use c# with asp.net in one of my classes and I tried doing one of the assignments in vim with the omnisharp plugin and it did not go very well..

          The omnicompletion was fine, compilation worked great, the only problem were the myriad configuration files that visual studio generally manages made it impossible for me to make proper webforms, as soon as I’d try to hook up an event, I’d get runtime errors.

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            I have done ASP.NET MVC apps on linux, and vim works ok. Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code still have better autocomplete though.

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              The omnisharp-roslyn stuff technically uses Roslyn – the same thing we use in VS to power the C# language service, but the devil is in the details.

              We’re still working on generating a completely platform agnostic Roslyn abstraction that will let consumers everywhere “plug in” to the language service at various points.

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                We had to use webforms on the assignement, but I’ll try again when we get to MVC.