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    We will be able to evaluate a i.MX 8M pre-production board November 2017 Our extended community can evaluate a handful of i.MX 8M sample chips in November 2017 More evaluation boards should be available before year-end 2017 In Q1 of 2018 we can get i.MX 8M into production. This is well ahead of our required hardware selection date of April 2018, so we will very likely be using the i.MX 8M in the Librem 5.

    Why again did they want to use this unreleased hardware? I don’t understand what would be wrong with something that was already out there. People interested in such a niece phone propably would be able to make it run on 20 year old hardware. (Can’t carry that in your pocket tho?)

    Additionally I don’t understand the huge investment in DE- and UI-support before having the actual hardware. Wouldn’t just getting the hardware and patching it later make more sense?

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      “ make it run on 20 year old hardware”

      One of my security-focused designs did copy 20 year old hardware. Shown the picture for concept, most people that like freedom and privacy didn’t like it that much. Almost nobody was interested in one that large despite benefits like extra chips and EMSEC. So, 20 year is probably overstating it. ;)

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        people that like freedom and privacy didn’t like it that much

        You probably forgot the marketing team and empty promises.

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          Oh yeah. You just described most security, industry vendors very well. One of main reasons I’m not in security industry is I refused to bullshit people. Almost everything they were selling wouldn’t get the job done. The stuff that would (more often) wasn’t as pretty, profitable, or (if profitable) having high growth. So, I just don’t participate in the bullshit.

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            It doesn’t matter how much marketing you have, people aren’t going to buy crappy old technology.

            I’d rather have no phone at all than a ‘secure’ Nokia 9000.