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    The linked article on D-Bus is worth a read - it demystifies several aspects of D-Bus and makes it out not to be the boogeyman people make it out to be.

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      If you have any references on what makes D-Bus problematic (or at least discusses its pros/cons) could you please post a link or two?

      I dropped out of desktop development after working with / around DCOP for a few years and I think D-Bus is somehow a continuation or workalike of DCOP so would just like to catch up.

      DCOP was great for me as it effectively gave applications their own API ‘for free’. Being able to harness the power of other applications in a desktop environment was really powerful stuff.

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        As I understand, D-Bus is just the fd.o desktop-neutral version of DCOP.

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      flatpak/appimage/snap — containarized applications

      centralized around a “store” where devs will push directly

      Well, I think I’ll skip this tire fire of a future.