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    I’m not ready to say if it’s any good or not, but any effort to enable end users to create applications and control the platform is a noble effort.

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      This reminds me, in a very pleasant way, of HyperCard. And the language, similarly, reminds me of HyperTalk.

      I would say that a contemporary version of one of those needs to be able to publish to the web. Not just github and the application repository for a particular desktop environment.

      If they don’t have a web publishing option or the ability to publish to the two dominant mobile platforms, I think they don’t live up to their beautiful little summary “lesson”:

      That’s Cabin. A tool to help someone who thinks of an app idea turn it into an actual app, for their GNOME desktop. A way to build apps which themselves convince others to build apps. It’s not for making a word processor. It’s for making yourself a tiny little application to calculate how high the handlebars should be on your new road bike, or to show you when sunset is at the beach, or to track your incoming parcels. It’s for turning ideas into things and having fun doing it, and then letting other people join you in the fun and in the building, whether they’re doing it for the first time or the thousandth.

      Emphasis mine. No matter what desktop environment their aspirational target user is developing from, the “other people” that user knows will be fragmented as to what device they use for their computing. Some may use the same GNOME desktop. Some will use Macs. Some will use Windows. Many more may only use mobile phones or tablets. (Anecdata: Of the 5 people, including myself, with whom I’d like to share my bicycle handlebar height calculator, only one of us primarily uses any kind of desktop computer.)

      That should be within reach, though, since they’re explicitly declaring publishing and distribution in-scope and control the language/runtime.

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        Ideally, yeah. But starting out on a smaller scope is totally reasonable for this.