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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    I’m spending some time with a friend who’s moving away.

    And probably a long bike ride, and some reading.

    I’m also looking at how to use the Ride With GPS API along with open street map data. I don’t know exactly what my goal is, but it’s fun to play with.

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      Next ultrasound for our soon-to-be daughter is today – hopefully this time she doesn’t block her face with an arm and we can see her full face for the first time! (the “4D” ultrasounds are INCREDIBLE)

      Other than that, starting a new training regimen for our dogs thanks to help from a professional trainer. Not bad dogs (all dogs are good dogs) but very stubborn and we want them to be more obedient the first time we say something rather than when they feel like it.

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        Hopefully working on a Racket-based library for creating bots for ssh-chat.

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          Declaring allotment bankruptcy and evacuating our stuff before telling the owner we won’t be back. We moved into a new house and now we have a large garden at home we don’t manage to keep up with—so driving to an allotment for more gardening has lost a lot of its appeal.

          Also I’ve started a personal project (implementing a board game I like) in Clojure using Malli. Never used it before, but I use Clojure Spec at work so thought I’d check out the competition. Clojure is the first language I’ve used in anger (I.e. at work) for more than 2 years and still would use for personal projects.

          Dinghy racing on Sunday.

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            Getting the Z4 back on the road! All parts have arrived and I have free time to do it. Also need to start running wiring for the sockets in the garage ahead of it being converted into an office. Two double sockets on each wall should be enough I think.

            After that, heading across to friend’s boat in Wales for a few days. Partly $work from there, partly working on the boat. Might pack my Paddleboard as well, see what it’s like on the sea.

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              I didn’t have the heart to commit in the weekly thread, but last night I banged out my week goal, a blog post about avoiding dependency checks in shell (https://lobste.rs/s/ul3pwf/no_look_no_leap_shell_script_dependencies).

              Now, time for play of sort. I tend to trawl deeply when searching for things, come across interesting/amusing/weird little projects, and enjoy sharing them. Especially when they have 0 stars or something.

              I usually just post them in IRC or Matrix, but for a while I have been wanting to start a Twitter thread for them. (I’ve wanted to do this, but I’ve been deferring it to eat my vegetables.)

              I did a deep trawl of LWMLs last year before I embarked on a project. I even wrote an MVP little shell tool to help me trawl through them all and rank them. So this afternoon I started going through the ones I marked as interesting to start drafting tweets. So I want to try to run through them all fairly quickly, and probably start the series. :)

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                Started a thread and got the first 3 posted, at least. https://twitter.com/abathur/status/1548753419665645572

                I’ll dribble the rest out, I think :)

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                The plan was to work on a submission for the GMTK game jam, but the theme this year – Roll of the Dice – hasn’t led me anywhere yet, 7 hours in (of 50).

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                  migrating from 1Password to KeePassXC, Strongbox, etc. now that i have a nice setup for keeping things in sync locally (WebDAV server on my Synology) and remotely (same as local but over Wireguard).

                  i really overestimated the complexity of a lot of this stuff, especially now that i have a home server setup to manage the tedious aspects automatically (e.g. reverse proxy, Let’s Encrypt, dynamic DNS, etc.).

                  if that goes relatively smoothly i’ll probably try to either work on some more automated backup stuff or start poking around at the Apple Music APIs (i want to make some convenience scripts and/or helpful tools to automate/ease some of the manual curation i’ve been doing).

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                    I hacked my cheap no-name floodlight cam a couple weeks ago and did a bit of reverse engineering to figure out how to switch the light on and off. I might finally get around to writing something to wire it into Home Assistant this weekend. I also want to finally replace several of the terrible, cheap, broken doorknobs that my house came with.

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                      Watching a movie, tax, and a little rock climbing.

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                        Going to a b-day party, having an online talk with a very interesting person, learning Rust, reading SICP.

                        From now on I’ll try not to structure my weekends too much.