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I am extremely glad I didn’t have to deal with the levels of inconsistency and data loss that they faced.


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    The part that struck me most about this post was how questionable it was of it to be written in the first place. The author publishes details of Parse that were seemingly never made public before, without explicit permission, in hopes to show how his company does it better, and doesn’t make the same mistakes.

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      Yeah the information is dumped in a messy way onto us, then at the end the author’s care went into an ad for their own thing. This reads exactly like a list of “stuff they messed up but we do right”. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing in an objective sense. Still pissed me off that it’s an ad. But I commend the effort to get attention for your own business.

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        Indeed. It makes me question the business model more than anything.

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        I suppose this is another instance of the reality that we don’t have a good way to abstract away the distributed nature of cluster computer. We can accept it and build above it, sort of, but it still requires mechanical sympathy in a way that Line of Business applications don’t.