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    I love that Erlang keep up here. This is the first I’ve heard of maybe or seen the map comprehensions in action; Elixir’s with and map comprehensions are such pleasant pieces of syntax, seeing them here is 😍

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      Kind of surprised it took this long to default TLS connections to verify peer.

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        It required the code for Erlang to look up certificate from the OS in a portable way. For the longest time before that, programs had to either configure that manually for the OS you’d run, or more frequently (as used in the build chain), they’d ship a CA root bundle based on what Mozilla validates (see the ‘certifi’ dependency).

        Recently the OTP team revamped the TLS libs and added that good default CA code that depends on the OS’s store that makes it worth it to validate by default.

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        So many quality of life improvements! Love it!