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      I built this tool over the weekend and thought I’d share it with you fellow crustaceans. It facilitates generation of RSS feeds from web pages where the elements to extract are selected via CSS selectors. I also wrote a blog post with some of the background and info on how I’m running it on my server.

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        Any chance someone could set up a community server where you enter a url and it hosts the feed for you? Seems wasteful for everyone to set up their own little servers with just a couple of feeds.

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          My original idea was to build a web app but then I’d on the hook for keeping a service running for people and I didn’t want to sign up for that responsibility so I cut the scope. It’s certainly doable though.

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      Hah, I just quipped about a similar idea a few days ago: https://lobste.rs/s/lrnqsv/implementing_rss_for_my_blog_yes_this_one#c_9ssiw1

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      Neat solution! Instead of site-specific regex/find parsers like rss-bridge, it’s more like a htmlq cronjob.

      So far I’ve been using fetchrss, but I’d prefer having a self-hosted solution, and this one might be promising.