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    Bootcamps as a means to enter the industry. In 2010, a tech bachelors was a de-facto requirement for most jobs, with a few being fine with self-taught applicants.

    I haven’t seen a change in this. Tech has always had ways in for people with no degrees (like me) or with non-tech degrees. I don’t know how to measure this as it’s always been anecdotal for me. But I’ve seen like 5-20% in small and large orgs of people who don’t have CS degrees.

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      I think you have a point. What I tried to express is how I’m seeing a lot more people with self-taught background enter the industry having gone through a bootcamp, versus the time when there were no bootcamps. And some companies are being more open to seeing a coding bootcamp as a token of “this person knows something about tech”.

      Where this change has been visible though is more and more of the large tech companies - Google, Apple, IBM - universally dropping bachelors requirements in job applications from back in 2010 when this was still mandatory. Hopefully, more and more companies to follow and it won’t just be smaller companies/startups where they won’t care about degrees.