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From the README:

The re package is a small, portable, lightweight, and quick, regular expression library for Common Lisp. It is a non-recursive, backtracing VM. The syntax is similar to Lua-style pattern patching (found here), but has added support for additional regex features (see below). It’s certainly not the fastest, but is very easy to understand and extend.

It makes heavy use of the monadic parse combinator library for parsing the regular expressions. If you’d like to understand the parsing and compiling of regular expressions, I recommend reading up on that library as well.


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    I’m not sure if the author reads Lobsters, but it would be nice if this was added to QuickLisp.

    It’s easy to do, and would make it a lot easier for people to try out, as well as making it more discoverable to people most likely to use it. The instructions are in the README at https://github.com/quicklisp/quicklisp-projects, but basically you just open an issue in that project describing what it does and where to get it.

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      Ummm… the pattern system is one of the most annoying parts of Lua. It’s hard to understand why you would want it in any other language.