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    But why?

    What makes companies trying to solve really hard problems. Isn’t it obvious that they need a different data solution?

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      In many cases, it’s lower risk (or at least, seen that way) to use something that’s well understood and do something convoluted in the application, than switch to something that _might) solve the problem, but nobody at the company understands.

      Not to mention, that they’d left the migration way too late, and were already seeing complaints of poor performance.

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      I wonder if a basic md5 on workspace ID would have been enough to use the builtin partition features of Postgres. 480 is indeed a weird choice pretty sure it will have deeper roots that is not mentioned in article. Also no mention of if the logical to physical map was stored somewhere or it’s just a mathematical mapping.

      Edit: Based on foot note 3 it seems like it’s just a mathematical function. I would love to see shard rebalancing strategy here, and how it plays out in future.