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    Just wanted to share a nice method for converting font-types into paths (in svg) that you’d be hard-pressed to accomplish without inkscape:

    inkscape -T -A tmp-hack.pdf orig-w-custom-fonts.svg

    inkscape -l final.svg tmp-hack.pdf

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      It has finally become a native macOS app - XQuartz no longer required! :^)

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        Without XQuartz, what kind of improvements macOS users can expect?

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          Being a native window helps with some window management (ShiftIt would work for X, but Spectacle wouldn’t for example), clipboard management, and keyboard shortcuts are now cohesive (Command-C everywhere instead of Control-C).

          EDIT: The release notes mention two other advantages: http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Release_notes/1.0#Mac_Application It’s now signed and 64bit for one, and it’s menubar is now global and not in the window.