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Over a hundred of BSD jobs in 90 days.

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    I will repeat what I said on twitter here:

    Are you vetting the jobs? Ie. ‘Email Security Support Engineer at Cisco Systems’ in Krakow lists email and phone support asks for Linux experience and just mentions FreeBSD scripting among a ton of other keywords… Feels like a ‘call center’ job listing not a ‘bsd job’.

    It’s a nice initiative however I am a bit sceptic on the sudden amount of items that showed up on the listing. Hope this doesn’t turn into ‘list of jobs containing bsd keyword’.

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      You are right, right now it’s keyword-based list. Will fix in the next update :) What do you think should be a good definition of a “BSD job”?

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        Something that gets you direct, preferably daily exposure to the system. Building or supporting/administering a product that directly runs on a BSD would be fair game imho and making this more worthwhile. I don’t want to scroll through 1 00 entries when 80% of them are Linux jobs.

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