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      Author here, thanks for your feedback

      The metaprogramming does look like a little bit of overkill, but it has already come in handy for my other MIPS projects that are in the pipe.

      I’ve used it to generate code for an assembler and an emulator core, and going forward it will be very useful for creating both C and javascript versions of those projects.

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        Here are my tables I used a long time ago to generate a disassembler for a small mips emulator:

        https://github.com/andrewchambers/cmips https://github.com/andrewchambers/cmips/blob/master/disgen/mips.json

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          Yeah, your cmips project, along with QEMU came in handy when I was trying to figure out some of the weirder bits of getting linux to boot on my emulator. Cheers for that!

          I may send some small issues or PRs your way when I post mine up.

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            Thanks, mine is most definitely is buggy. Once it booted i just called it a day even though I didn’t always know what i was doing at the time. Glad it helped.