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    But I never let that get in the way of delivering the best experience possible to users of modern browsers. It just makes no sense to degrade their experience, just because we need to cater to users of older browsers as well.

    How does using Web Components improve anyone’s user experience? It seems to me that the benefits are mostly, if not exclusively, for developers. If that’s the case, then it’s wrong to degrade anyone’s user experience for something that only benefits developers. They pay us, right?

    Also, a contrary perspective from the primary developer of Svelte: Why I don’t use web components

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      This is what I continue to be confused about with web components. I’ve tried multiple times to research the subject but I can’t tell what web components are for. Do they make applications easier to use for users? More accessible somehow? Are they supposed to somehow be a better mental model for developing? I can’t figure out what the benefit is supposed to be.

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      Server-side rendering is hard

      I died inside.

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          On January 15, Microsoft released its Chromium-based Edge browser and with that, all major browsers finally got native support for Web Components.

          This statement is technically correct but at best misleading.
          Home users and small businesses may deploy the new Edge within the next several months.
          Microsoft has not started deploying this update to enterprises or education yet.
          Enterprise and education customers normally roll out an update in stages.
          Here is an example deployment model that is typical for my industry.

          1. Deploy to pilot users and the IT department.
          2. Deploy to a small office.
          3. Deploy to medium sized office.
          4. Deploy to a large office.
          5. Deploy to other offices and users as necessary.

          This model reduces the risk of an update causing a significant outage.
          The downside is that any change takes months to complete.
          I wouldn’t assume that web components are supported without looking at the web server logs.