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    Congratulations! :-)

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      Thanks Rob :)

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      “Morgan and I’s relationship” is proof that we’ve gone too far snapping at people for using “and me” or “me and”

      The trusty shortcut is to cut out the other person: “I’s relationship” vs “my relationship”

      Well, now I’m that person. Apologies.

      Oh and uh yes congratulations and whatnot :)

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        lol :)

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          I would probably just say ‘the relationship of Morgan and me’ or something like that. Or ‘Morgan and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary’ and refer to it as ‘our relationship’ from then on.

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            Yes, everyone’s fourth grade teacher repeatedly insisted we not say “me and x” without any intelligent explanation of how the grammar actually works.

            It’s really the same as factoring. 2(x+3) = 2x + 2(3) -> My relationship + Morgan's relationship = My and Morgan's relationship. The relationship of me + of Morgan = of me and Morgan.

            Another thing many people don’t realize is that there’s nothing at all stopping us from switching the order of the (pro)nouns. Morgan and me, me and Morgan, I and Morgan, Morgan and I.

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              “Abstract algebra to explain grammar” is something that would only happen here. Never change Lobste.rs XD

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            Congrats! This is inspirational.

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              That’s lovely, congrats!