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    after listing all the issues, the article never explained how gluglug managed to overcome them. http://www.fsf.org/news/libreboot-x200-laptop-now-fsf-certified-to-respect-your-freedom has a bit more detail:

    In order to remove the ME, AMT, and other proprietary firmware from the laptop, the Libreboot developers had to first reverse engineer Intel’s firmware. They then created a small software utility to produce a free firmware image that conforms to Intel’s specifications. Finally, to install their firmware on the device, they used special hardware (an SPI flasher) that they directly connected to a small chip on the motherboard itself. After many months of work, the Libreboot developers managed to completely overwrite the proprietary firmware with Libreboot and GNU GRUB 2.

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      I much prefer bunnie:studios novena approach to the problem of giving control of the device to the user.

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        Perfect is the enemy of good.

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          Sometimes, good has an even bigger enemy: the not nearly as good but much better publicized.

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            I’m not sure what you’re hinting at; a project better than Purism that wasn’t as publicized?

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          An odd comment on that story now by someone from Purism:

          Purism laptops will always run unsigned firmware. Purism has been in contact with coreboot from the very beginning!

          It is very surprising and unclear where mrnuke got these ideas. Wish (s)he joined the conversation on coreboot mailing list https://www.mail-archive.com/coreboot@coreboot.org/msg43618.html. Again, this is only possible because of Purism’s pioneering efforts in using Intel CPUs that are allowed to run unsigned firmware.

          Purism is actively working on porting coreboot to Librem15 with some coreboot developer(s). @mrnuke is more than welcome to join the effort :) There, that’s the truth about Purism.

          So is this rant completely unfounded?

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            I’m not sure. In the past, others' promises of “actively working on” something never bore fruit.

            A similar complaint is Apple not yet open-sourcing Swift. Complaints are valid until they actually do it.

            (Side note: Lobsters allows you to comment on super-old threads. Is this generally considered okay? Or is it rude?)

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              It doesn’t bump the thread in any of the top-down views, so I see no reason it would be rude. It gets basically no responses though. :)

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                They appear to still be making progress on coreboot. They post regular updates on their blog. So still in progress, but seems to be moving forward at least.

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                  Thanks for the tip. Here is a direct link to one of their latest updates, for posterity. https://puri.sm/posts/bios-freedom-status/

                  The CPU is fused to allow running unsigned binaries (old news), but they’re still working on creating FOSS firmware for the chip. They’ve done some good breakdown and analysis of the different pieces, but nothing concrete has shipped so far.