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    This seems like a step backwards for security. You should be able to trust the window decorations, even if you can’t trust the contents of a window. I hope this doesn’t make life harder for security-focused distros like QubesOS (which use the titlebar’s text and colour to show which VM is running the app). It’s already getting difficult to run GNOME applications there (you get a double title-bar - a trusted one from the OS and an untrusted one drawn by the app).

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      This is one of those angst-filled moments for me, when I feel like computing is moving in the direction of increasing stupidity and there’s no stopping it, only slowing it down…

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      The benefits of switching to CSD for dialogs is rather clear: reduces wasted space and duplicate window titles

      The new titles take 60 pixels of height compared to 20 before. Why was the window title repeated on the form before? That could have been removed instead of making the title bars so much taller.

      I think I have to just give in and start moving windows with alt+click. I always liked the title bar for rearranging windows, but you just can’t get away from people trying to put things into them these days (web browsers especially.)

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        This particular XFWM4 theme might interest you ;)

        And, to my knowledge, you can disable CSDs by global environment variables completely, just the opt-in thing might be annoying.