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    This looks fun! I have fond memories of A/UX from uni. I managed the electronic version of the college newspaper from 1994-1995, and we ran our web server (NCSA httpd) and gopher server on A/UX, on, I believe, a Quadra 950. One of my hallmates also ran A/UX on her Mac SE/30.

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      Oh cool, I ran it on a 950 as well. What an incredible machine. After using A/UX and watching someone use System 7, I couldn’t believe how slow it was (wow disk access under UNIX is soooo much faster), and just all around unstable.

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      A/UX looks beautiful, but it is an awful Unix, because it’s SVR2 when that was getting decrepit. Having to modify the kernel to change networking settings was getting less and less appealing.

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        On the one hand it’s to save memory, on the other the kind of machine that can run A/UX tends to have plenty.

        Even today people still have initrd’s with loadable modules. Of course the idea being people could just ship binary drivers, but could you imagine such a thing? On A/UX?

        It’s not the best SYSV, it’s not an exciting one, it’s a 68000 variant that Qemu can run quickly and what better way to show off something new and exciting?

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        Doesn’t actually explain what A/UX is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess we are suppose to know.

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          So many things here reuse old names of old projects and I always feel like im at fault for knowing Scala is some pre PowerPoint app for the Amiga.

          Anyway I guess I should write something about the OS X of the 1980s, when System 6 and 7 were decapitated and put on top of Unix System Vr2.

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              Purely by the name I assumed it was an old Unix machine or OS (I have vaguely heard of HP-UX and it sort of sounds like that). I guess I spend way too much time here or something.

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                I added some stuff about ‘big mac’ the next departure, the lawsuits and didn’t want to make it all next but a few version tours of A/UX, and thoughts on the identity crissis.