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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I usually start the weekend with big plans that have gone through my mind the whole workweek. I end up sleeping

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      Maybe start working on some sort of git powered documentation/publishing workflow tool that makes code review for documents easier. Something I stumbled upon at work when a team provides tooling company-wide but the tooling only does 1 thing, publish docs. Where’s my linting features and review flow (that isn’t a squished up, changes-only pull-request)?

      Otherwise I bought too many games from a GOG sale as I look to a more DRM free future for myself that I will be playing, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy and Lost Horizon.

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      We’ve got some friends in town, so showing them around. I started playing with https://github.com/ratfactor/ziglings and think it would be fun to do more this weekend.

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      Going to finish tests for https://github.com/cristalhq/dbump and add ClickHouse, MySQL connectors.

      And, hopefully, rewrite reflect part in https://github.com/cristalhq/aconfig (wish me a luck)

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        Good luck, you got it!

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      Got some building work scheduled on the house in the near future, so I need to empty the garage entirely. Might as well get a head start on it this weekend and get some stuff shifted. I forsee a tip run or two in my future as well.

      Also have all the pieces to overhaul the Z4’s cooling system, providing the rain holds off I’ll crack on with that. Also got the parts to do an oil service on the Fiesta, so might as well whilst I’ve got the car tools out.

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      Just because I can, I’m working on browsing GNU TeXinfo documentation (with hyperlinks, etc.) within the Kakoune editor.

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      Hiking in Colorado (I’m from the midwest so mountains are pretty damn exciting, not least because you can beat the heat by climbing to a higher elevation, which is a wizardry we don’t have back home). Would also like to do some work on my blog (finish my refactor of the auth system for my comments engine, or maybe write a new post–not sure yet).

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      Biking across a large, scenic bridge in my area with a friend I haven’t seen in years.

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      I’m gunna try to learn NixOS! My company uses it so I’m gunna get home-manger up a running locally to get used to the nix language. Looking good so far!

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      Trying to write a tool to convert a mediawiki xml dump into a searchable static site (so I have notes-superpowers when updating my servers).

      Maybe browsing the steam sale.

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      Self-care and maybe play a little with compiler dev. My basic type checker seems to work, time to add some simple generics and see what happens. Or maybe I’ll take a break from that and play with a backend targeting QBE, now that it’s 1.0.

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      I continue to improve the CLAP support in Anklang, it can already load and process plugins with CLAP support (though most of them are in beta). Currently I’m at the parameter support, so Anklang gets to display, load and save plugin parameters. Here are examples of some nightly versions that support CLAP:

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      Catching up on sleep, doing chores, and some organisation.

      I’ve started playing with Reflect (think: Obsidian, Roam Research, Logseq etc), mostly putting in recipes at this point.

      Otherwise just trying to relax. I uninstalled Slack from my phone, which has honestly done wonders for my mental health.

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      Reading Amari and the Night Brothers - fantasy middle-grade. Well paced and interesting so far.

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      I managed to boot my Mango Pi MQ Pro (a RISC-V 64 cheap SBC) with this new images: https://bret.dk/armbian-on-the-mangopi-mq-pro/ so I’m going to test some of my software in real RISC-V hardware!