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      Current UNIX implementations fail in several ways to provide maximum value to users. This is not surprising. Although the UNIX kernel has evolved considerably since its original implementation in the early 1970s, its basic characteristics have not changed in .any fundamental way. At the time of its inception, most of the machines available were minicomputers with low-powered (by today’s standards) CPUs, limited physical memory, small disks, and little or no networking capability. The expense of the hardware dictated that these ma- chines be timeshared. As time has passed, much new functionality has been added to the UNIX system, but most ont has been addedto the kernel, making it quite bloated. As a result, the kernel has lost much of its original elegance and simplicity, and is no longer the best match for current technology.

      This was written in 1989, mind you.

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      Nice find Calvin 👍