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    After a few years, NetBSD changed its name to OpenBSD to reflect a new focus on desktop computing. (I never promised this section would be free of mistakes.)


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      I’ve recently gone back to FreeBSD after a decade or more on Linux. While I enjoy FreeBSD much more than Linux I’m having a bit of an emotional crisis with it because it feels like it’s already too big and new features are still being added. I stand somewhat jealous of the simplicity rewrites that are going on in OpenBSD right now. I’m not involved enough in the FreeBSD community to even consider trying to make suggestions but I hope in a few years we’ll see a few years of simplify.

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        Have you looked at DragonflyBSD at all?

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          Yes, but there is an annoying intersection between supporting the architectures I want and the minimalism I want that doesn’t exist yet.