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    Are we going to post project home-pages now?

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      I agree that this is getting a bit silly. Though it’s hard to figure out where to draw the line. Many new projects are posted, which is probably fine.

      Unknown projects that have existed for a while, but have recently become more interesting could be sensible to post.

      But posting an old project without any reason other than “I just discovered this on the Internet” is probably not what most people consider interesting.

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      How is guile for standalone programming and how does it compare to Common Lisp (quicklisp, native compilation, libraries, etc.)?

      I’ve been playing with Common Lisp (sbcl) a lot lately for some small toy projects. I’m seriously considering it as my goto language for my side projects, and trying it on some larger projects. It has its warts, though, and before I go too far I’m wondering if there’s a better Lisp available.

      I’m on osx most of the time and Linux the rest of the time.

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        I’m in the same position as you right now. I’ve heard lots of people recommend Clojure - for various reasons like library support, runs on the JVM, and so forth. I’d be interested to know what others think.

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          personally i’ve never explored guile due to its lack of windows support. my main area of interest is end-user desktop apps, and it seems pointless to develop an app and then discover that most of my potential userbase won’t be able to run it. it’s a shame, though, because it looks like a very nice system otherwise.

          as far as a goto lisp for side projects goes, i’d recommend taking a serious look at racket. great language and great community.