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    It’s amazing to me that this was only 16 years ago.

    For windows 2000, the original build system was… a single team that approved and manually merged all checkins? Checking anything in to this team required approval, sometimes on paper!? The team approved ~100 changes per day and manually issued the appropriate commands to grab source control and build. That’s for 1400 devs! When the build broke, build activity stopped until the build was fixed.

    The initial code checkout for a dev took 1 week. Just syncing changes took 2 hours.

    This was all terrible, so they bought the source code to perforce and created a fork of it. With the fork, they were able to get the initial checkout down to 3 hours, and syncing changes down to 5 minutes. That was considered to be AMAZINGLY GOOD. One of the main points of the point of the talk appears to be to describe this great new system where it only takes 3 hours to do the equivalent of git clone

    I also like the bullet point, “Abuse and intimidation gets way out of control; can’t keep calling people stupid and except them to listen”, which is nested under “Sloppiness is not tolerated”, next to “Great idea, but very difficult to nurture as group grows”. it’s so hard to nurture the right amount of calling people stupid.