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    I like the idea but the first 2 sites I was shown were very standard start up websites and the 3rd a very standard contractor site. Seems there needs to be more review or feedback mechanism.

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      That website isn’t accepting my blog/domain, it should probably attempt to do a DNS query instead of trying to validate addresses with regex.

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        Oof. It accepted mine at .codes, which is usually a good test for whether they’ve implemented validation well. Sorry about that!

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          No problem, i get these kind of validation problems all the time :D

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        I enjoyed StumbleUpon back in the day.

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          There’s also https://webring.xxiivv.com/#random, though it seems to be targeted towards creative sites.

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            speaking of ‘targeted towards creative sites’ - there’s also the classic http://jodi.org

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            This is lovely and strangely addicting

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              The only problem I have is that it seems like it’s susceptible to spam and advertising startups - someone here already mentioned that their first two clicks were startup landing pages.

              However, I like it because there are times at work when it’s the last 30 minutes and I’ve mentally checked out, and need something to read before I leave. It also seems geared more towards the tech side, probably because those are the folks submitting links in the first place. I’ll try to remember to submit some interesting links that aren’t necessarily tech-related.

              Also, it might be useful to see how many links are in your database on the landing page, so I can tell when I’ve effectively exhausted them.