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If you were waiting for a moment to try it. It is the best time to hop in.


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    Quick start for JS developers: http://www.romanzolotarev.com/elm/

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      What a disappointment looks like I won’t be able to play with the new version on OpenBSD due to W^X violations.

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        There’s an ElmTown podcast on 0.18 where we discuss some of the interesting things that it brings

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          Just curious, is there some degree of promise of few breaking changes for newer versions that makes this version a better one to dive in on than others? The debugger is pretty cool, but the 0.x has kept me from trying Elm on a bigger project than just toying around with it.

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            Right now, we’re working on tooling to automate upgrading. For example, for this release, you can use elm-format with the --upgrade flag to automatically update the syntax. Together with elm-upgrade, you can automate upgrading your deps.

            0.16 -> 0.17 was a big breaking change. I foresee any other future releases will have substantial tooling for upgrades :)

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              Not sure about any kind of promises.

              First of all, there were a lot of changes in 0.17, but upgrade from 0.16 was not that hard. Upgrade from 0.17 to 0.18 should be much easier and pretty straightforward, thanks to elm-format. Good news — for the next few months no major changes in Elm land. ;)