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    OpenRCT2 and OpenTTD are the ultimate nostalgic fun.

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      It’s worth noting that some of the games in OpenBSD base are broken. For example, hack(6) states:

      hack is currently unusable because it relies on setgid(2) to allow multiple users read and write access to the same files.

      Somebody on the openbsd-tech mailing list was trying to sort out various issues with hack in May, June or July, but none of the stuff actually got committed.

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        oh this is a delight! had no idea there were so many re-implementation efforts. would be nice to have this outside of a pdf, hah!

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          The link is actually a regular site, not a pdf. I agree that it reminds the in-browser pdf renderers a lot in style :D

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            hahahah oh my goodness. got me. a lovely list indeed!