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    1. I’m sorry you’re using Ubuntu :p
      • There’s a slight chance a reader (of the title) might assume there’s something wrong with ssh signing but OP actually can’t use it for a reason unrelated to git or ssh signing itself.
    2. There’s another way to switch back to default: delete the config value. Use --unset key for that.
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      I think that the problem is using Ubuntu LTS that will be soon deprecated (04.2023, only 8 months left) on desktop instead of upgrading to one of the newer versions.

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        I had a similar issue when switching to SSH signing. My primary WSL2 instance is Ubuntu-20.04; git is “stuck” on an old version that doesn’t support ssh singing. So now I’m in the process of copying over my stuff to a new Ubuntu 22.04 WSL instance :))

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        Just deleting the line in .gitconfig does not work?

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          I enjoy building and using git from source. It’s supper easy to setup (make install) and i get to use latest features, sometimes during development. Strongly recommend it.

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            The author can’t use SSH signing because OpenSSH is too old.

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              Ah i guess i was trying to recommend folks to ‘live at HEAD’ but failed in writing that out. 🥲