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    The Freedombox is a “gadget” sponsored by the FSF with the goal to “take back control of your digital life.” There is a bunch of free software included in it. The author of this post has neither used a Freedombox, nor— excepting Transmission and privoxy— have they used any of said software either. The end.

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      That is a pretty rude comment. It seemed like you only read a part of it and haven’t read all of it.

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        I like expert or at least thoroughly-researched reviews on stuff like this. I skipped over this submission last night feeling something similar to quad. Here’s a few highlights:

        “is apparently sponsored by the FSF”

        “First up is Tor… I personally haven’t used Tor much

        “Minetest seems to

        “ Radicale is a calendar and address book application. I haven’t used it before and won’t be able to use it

        “XMPP will be covered next. .. I can’t vouch for how good a chat system it is.

        “Roundcube is found next. … I haven’t used Roundcube before, but I’ve heard positivie things about it”

        I’m going to stop there. I think it already shows this is about the most useless review of something I’ve seen in a year. I mean, the author is writing up a review of tech without even trying most of them. The author is just guessing about them or assuring us some other people liked it sometimes with no further details. Most fluff pieces I see at least copy and paste more detailed info from primary sources. This author isn’t at that level yet.

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          I’m sorry for being rude; I didn’t realise. What did I say wrong?

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        Just to clarify: pretty sure the FSF is not involved with freedombox in any way

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          Yeah, they’re not. Eben Moglen gave a keynote about it a while ago and a bunch of Debian developers got excited and did a few things. The FSF wasn’t involved at all.