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    Packets already flowing through 5.4 –release on my ‘lil ALIX home router. Workstation on –current, of course.

    There is nothing quite like OpenBSD out there. Thank you OpenBSD developers!

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      Wow, haven’t really anticipated the entry would hold up for so long on the front page over at HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6654179

      Nice comments, too. Honestly, I wouldn’t like for OpenBSD to become too popular :)

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        That discussion certainly highlights some of the frustrations I have with both the software and the community. It’s almost 2014, can we really not have bzip2 in base yet?

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          The perl bzip2 module is installed by default. :)

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        Now I can finally enable the commitid stuff in CVS…